Famous Race Tracks in America

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in American history. It is filled with a lot of tradition and many people that are involved in horse racing, whether they are owners, trainers, jockeys or spectators have had that passion passed down to them by generations who have done the same thing before them. This discussion is about the most popular and older horse track locations in America and the races that are run at those tracks and what makes them so great according to a business owner of equestrian helmet covers and riding helmet covers. The places that will be covered are Belmont Park in NY, Churchill Downs in Kentucky and Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore.

The first place is Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland which is the oldest place that will be covered in this discussion dating back to 1870. This horse track is best known for having the race in the Preakness Stakes held there every year. It was started in 1873 for their first winning colt named Preakness. This Baltimore track is also known for the place where Seabiscuit beat War Admiral in 1938 and that exciting story was made in a major motion picture. Not only was horse racing done there but the Virgin Festival took place there from 2006 through 2008 with a two-day festival that featured a variety of big named rock bands like The Police, the Who, and Kanye West.


The next oldest track and probably the most famous one in America is Churchill Downs, in Louisville, Kentucky. It is best known for hosting the Kentucky Derby annually after opening in 1875 and is also famous for having the oldest ongoing sports event in America. In addition to the track, stable and stadium, Churchill Downs has the Kentucky Derby Museum that allows the visitor to explore everything about the rich history of that thoroughbred race. There’s also a cafe that serves chicken pasta salad recipes with Italian dressing. Every year, Louisville is filled with fans and famous celebrities the first weekend in May to attend this great horse race.


The final race track that will be discussed is Belmont Park which is located in Elmont, New York which is a part of Long Island. This track opened in 1905 and is best known for hosting Belmont Stakes which is also the third leg of the Triple Crown. Belmont Track is known as “Test of the Champion” because almost every single champion horse competed at this track. It likewise is known as the longest earth pure breed race track in all of North America. Belmont Park, being close to New York City has had several television shows and movies shoot scenes there too such as The Odd Couple, Everybody Loves Raymond, Mighty Aphrodite, and Gloria.


If you love horses or want to witness the best two minutes of sports history, think about going to one of these race tracks for a great day. Many of them have struggled a bit with this difficult economy and can use all of the support they can get right now.