Staying Tidy

Steam mops could be regarded as the best technology of the 21st century, only that the idea of using steam to clean is much older. And so are its benefits. One of the most important things for your health is to keep your floors clean. They are the biggest victim of bacteria and vermin that we collect from our outdoor moments. Pets shed fur, which needs to be cleaned out. The best tool for all these is a steam mop.


There is a lot of buzz in the market about these appliances. They attract a lot of reviews on the internet too. As you will see when you buy one, they do actually live up to the hype, and you know it is not hyped if a product can back it up. As you will see on, steam cleaning is popular. It is also used for cleaning clothes thanks to its effectiveness.  


Steam cleans cleanly if we can say that. It is one of the best ways to get rid of not only the dirt but the indoor allergens as well. Just imagine what kind of boost you can give to the health of your family just by cleaning the floors thoroughly every week. This is where the dust mites hide. The floor also collects a lot of pollen during spring, which causes allergic reactions in many people.


While many other cleaning methods cannot be used to clean off things like mold, you can use steam cleaners to take care of that. Mold is one of the most serious indoor allergens that cause respiratory problems in many people. If you live in a humid region, you should make a habit of checking the floor especially under the furniture for signs of mold.


You can use steam mops to clean almost all types of floors. Tile, wood, stone and laminate floors are very common. They can all be cleaned using this machine. Sometimes, a blast of steam is all that you need to leave the floors sparkling clean. However, before you can use the cleaner on these floors, do make sure that it is well sealed. You do not want steam to find its way between tiles because it might not dry up properly.


If you care enough for your floors, you might want to look for a steam cleaner that is rated for a certain kind of floor. However, most of the time, they do a perfect job across the board. In any case, if you would like to buy a steam cleaner for indoor and outdoor cleaning, you do not want to buy one for the indoor wooden floors and one for the stone floor of the patio. Thus, it is better to spend a little more to get more features than pay a little money for just a few features.


To get the best steam cleaning job done, you will need the right appliance for that. There are many in the market and choosing one requires some information. Use resources like to help you get the best one.


Here are two steam cleaners that you can buy:


Bissell PowerFresh

Bissell PowerFresh

This (Bissell) is one of the most popular names for steam cleaners in the market. It is very good on all floors, but it is specially designed to clean the wood floors. It comes with two cleaning pads. One is soft and the other is scrubby. When you have some nasty stubborn stains on your floor, the scrubby one will work on it, and it will disappear fast.




Stylishly designed

Easy to use

Mop pads have antibacterial power

Protects the finishing of the floor

Sold affordably

Long power cord




Not available in many colors


Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop

Shark Genius Steam Pocket

Where the Bissell steam cleaner reviewed above is best for the wood floors, the Shark Genius is very good on tiles. It is very affordable and the cleaning pads are very good on the grout. At the same time, as they pass over the tiles, the mop also does a thorough scrubbing job on the rest of the tile surface. Thus, when done, you are done. There is no going back to clean again. If you really want to sanitize the area that you are cleaning, you are going to need the best mop pads for the job.




It is affordable

Steam spray can be targeted on the single area that you are cleaning

Good looking design

Has three steam settings for different cleaning needs

You never get to touch the pad

Good for stuck on stains




It leaks if you let it fall over

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Looks Better and has Other Benefits

I do know so little about cleaning. However, cleaning is inevitable and this has pushed me to find an easier way to do it. I used all sorts of things to clean my floor but I knew I had hit the jackpot when I first used a steam mop. It worked wonders on my floor and as a result, I started enjoying cleaning.  Steam cleaning comes with dozens of benefits and you can’t help but love it.


Here are a few of them:


Cleans better than the traditional mop

Floor cleaner

Almost everyone knows about the conventional mop and bucket. Steam mops do a better job as they even sterilize the floor by eliminating dust mites, bacteria and other indoor allergens. I always use a clean mop for my floor. It never leaves any cloudy scum on the surface. After cleaning, the surfaces shine and the floor dries promptly. If you are used to scrubbing your floor on your knees and hands, try an easier and more effective way – the a steam mop.


Ideal for cleaning every kind of surface


We are always keen to instructions from various manufacturers about cleaning the hardwood floors and laminate flooring. However, steam cleaner works well on any cleaning surface sparing you the hassle of reading up about stuff. Steam cleaners dry all the excess water on the floor leaving zero chances of ruined surfaces.


It is easy to use

Happy man holding carpet cleaner

Steam mops are incredibly light in weight, thus making it easier for you when cleaning. Do you find it hard to clean because of your old age, disability or even backache? Whatever the case, a steam cleaner makes cleaning possible for you.


Energy efficient


They are designed to save energy. Built with advanced technology, you can have clean floors yet save money at the same time.


Saves space


It is easier to store unlike the conventional mop and bucket. It only takes a little space.


Friendly to the environment


Some cleaning products such as bleach and harmful chemicals are hazardous to the environment. Such chemicals have strange smells too. Instead of these, just use the steam cleaner as it is friendly to the environment and it is very effective too.


Kills germs


Unmistakably speaking, the steam mops sanitize and sterilizes floors & all other surfaces thanks to the high degree of steam created. It starts at 200°F. With a common mop, hot water ranges at a hundred degree only. In addition to that, steam cleaning kills 100% of germs and bacteria.


Saves time


Time is precious and you don’t want to waste all of it cleaning your surfaces. Using a steam cleaner to remove dirt and to grime saves you time in that it eliminates the dirt swiftly and more effectively all the time.


Have health benefits


Has it ever occurred to you that you can have many health benefits just by using the right mop to remove dust and grime from your surfaces? Steam cleaning offers many benefits because it is pet and child-friendly. There are no toxic and harmful chemicals such as ammonia and bleach. That way, no harmful chemicals & residues are left on your floor.


To sum it up, do not break your back cleaning your floor and surfaces. Just go for a steam cleaner and enjoy cleaning. The result will be incredibly simple and quick.

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Coming to Track Day

I love track day and I always wait for it eagerly. I just cannot wait to see how my car does on the track. Unfortunately, track day enthusiasts are not many. Most drivers find the whole thing baffling with so many unanswered questions. For instance, you might be wondering what to expect on such a day, especially if it is your very first time to attempt this.

Variety of racing cars

Here is everything you need to know:


Find and then book a track day



If you are sure that all you want is to get out on a track, then you need to find an organizer for track days and book a particular day. Settle for an affordable organizer who will meet your needs. Also, the organizer should strongly enhance your safety.


Choose a circuit

Circuit picture

Be sure to find up-to-date and prominent circuits that are authentic. Beginners should choose circuit with lots of safety areas neighboring a corner or “run-off” zone. They help in cases where you make a slight mistake. These zones are relatively safe, so you can spin into them sparing you and your car a lot of damage.


Make a good timetable for your track day


Basically, track day companies vary in terms of day organization. You have to know their timetable and fit your schedule towards that. Timetables have just about the same format, which includes the following:


07:30 – Arriving at the circuit

08:00 –  Signing in

08:30 – Give briefing about safety

09:00 – Sighting laps-only by some track day organizers

09:30 – Lapping time circuit accessible

12:30 – (lunch break) Chequered flag

13:30 – Circuit accessible for lapping

17:00 – The end (Chequered flag)


Noise limits for track days


You should expect a lot of noise from race and track days. Most track enthusiasts just love that noise. The noise makes me feel good and full of energy. On the contrary, people residing near track days hate the entire thing about race and track days because of the noise.


Do not hesitate to approach a track day organizer if you really want to try a track day but still hate the noise in the place. Organizers have noise limits. Some circuits have noise monitors directly attached to nearest council offices.


Sessioned & Open Pitlane track days


Only two typical formats for track days are used and this depends on the event & the organizer. Basically, sessioned tracks do the exact thing they say. The drivers and the cars are usually arranged into groups based on experience or speed. They take laps around the circuit in different sessions.


Open pitlane track days means that the pitlane is accessible to all sorts of cars the whole day. It is only closed during lunch break.


These 2 formats have their advantages and disadvantages only that the largest percentage of people goes for the open pitlane track days. Most track day organizers embrace this format too. Track day organizer calendar has details on the day`s format.


The cost of track days


The cost differs depending on the organizers. However, just like other things, what you have paid for is what you get. Cost ranges between $120 – $500. The key cost difference depends on the higher costs for circuits. If more cars are booked then the price will be favorable but fewer cars attract high costs.


Car types to expect


You might be thinking that track days are only meant for the road cars. On the contrary, race cars are included. However, misbehaving drivers are firmly and promptly dealt with.

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